Gretel and… Gretel


Oh look, she hasn’t died!

"We should take a few for the road! No sense in wasting!" Picking up a few cookies, I place them gingerly inside the survival box thingy. Maybe a snack for the road would be useful!

Giggling, I notice that there is some chocolate stuck in the craw of Eden’s two front teeth. “Eden, you have a little…chocolate right here.” I say, pointing at my own two front teeth.

"What?" I was probably a bit too loud as I ferociously scrubbed at my teeth. If the camera had been on me! Oh my goodness. I scrubbed and scraped until my gums began to bleed and hoped that I had gotten all the chocolate out. I couldn’t have anyone seeing me like that, certainly not the entirety of the Capitol.

I continued to look around as Rena packed more food into the crate type something or other for the road, no sense in wasting was right. It didn’t seem like there’d be much food out there anyway, what with everything dying because of the cold. Tributes included.

Gretel and… Gretel


Upon closer inspection you come to realise that the cookie is in fact the most treacherous and dangerous and most feared cookies in the land.

The milk chocolate chip.

"I’m not sure," I said as I stood up, brushing the nonexistent dust off my pants. Rena got a cookie, so why shouldn’t I get one? It’s only fair. Plus, all her attention will be on me while I eat it to make sure it’s safe.

I stood by her beside the table and picked up a cookie of my own before taking a big bite, taking in half the cookie as though I was a vacuum. “Mmm chocolate,” I said excitedly, with a huge smile. Hopefully there wasn’t chocolate in my teeth. I just hoped that I hadn’t made a mistake by eating it.

Gretel and… Gretel


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sweet things in one place before! It’s as if someone took all the babies in the world and baked them into sweets and made a house out of them! Gosh I love babies!

Looking at Eden’s face, I can tell she’s staring at the sweet wonderland as well. Oh! goodness me, how can I be so daft! “Eden, I think we should check out the survival box you got in the bloodbath! It might have some pretty groovy stuff in it!”

"Oh, of course!" How could I be so silly, not thinking to look into the odd little box I had picked up at the cornucopia. I pulled it open and took out what I could see. "There’s a few matches, some…. wire? A hook and some worms, 6 tablets for something, and a sheet of plastic. Better than nothing right?" I said with a laugh as I packed the box back up. 

Didn’t want to lose any of it now did I? After the box was all packed up I took a short break from gathering food and took my dagger out, playing with it in my hands for a bit. The feel of the cool steel was blocked by my thick glove, but it was still nice and familiar.

Gretel and… Gretel


A gasp escapes my lips as we step inside. At that moment Eden escapes my sight because I’m so consumed by the sight that’s before me. It’s so magnificent, so grand, so adorable! Every part of me is screaming to just go and take as many cute little gingerbread men and doohickeys I can find, but no, I must stay with Eden. She is the true bae after all!

"Wowie! This house looks good enough to eat… what do you think, Eden?" Looking around, I grip my axe even harder. Something isn’t right here. It smells too much like goodness and chocolate for everything to be okay…as much as it pains me to admit it!

"It all looks so delicious!" I followed Rena’s lead and stuffed a few of the cookies and candies into the pockets of my snowpants. I was just so full from breakfast that I couldn’t possibly eat anything else. After taking a few of the sweets, I remembered that the cameras were on me and I stopped taking any more food. I didn’t want to look like a pig, did I?

"What’s in here?" I wondered aloud as I quietly opened a door seemingly made of gingerbread and peeked into the adjoining room.

Gretel and… Gretel

A house? Really? Oh goody gumdrops! Following her gaze, I saw the same outline that she did. Actually, now that I look at it, it looks a little scary… geepers creepers!

But if it’s what Eden wants…

"Sure! Lead the way, Eden!" I allowed her to lead me, but at the same time my grasp on the hand gripped. This was fishy, and I was not about to let any mean old monster come and take Eden away from me. No sir!

Rena seemed a bit off, but I still ran ahead of her, gripping my survival box and dagger as though they were my only lifeline. I held my dagger tightly by the hilt, but I knew I wouldn’t have to use it. After all, mama would be there for us and she’d light her fire like she did every year for us. I just hoped it wouldn’t smell as bad I this time.

I set my box down in the snow and held my dagger before knocking on the door, waiting to see my mama’s face.

Gretel and… Gretel

A small squeal escaped my lips when she smiled. She was so cute when she smiled! It was like she was morphing into a cute little doll right before my teensy weensy eyes!

"I’m glad you managed to get some stuff!" I said as I walked a bit forward, looking around at our environment with carefully scanning eyes. "I think we should keep moving for a bit, dontcha think? We can settle down and look out our loot when we get a little farther!" 

It seemed like we had a lot with us, thankfully. I’m sure a lot left the bloodbath empty handed. Being the smallest one here sure does have it’s perks. I followed Rena’s gaze and was met with nothing but a white expanse of land, seemingly barren of life completely. There’s gotta be someone out here somewhere….

As I was looking for other tributes, I saw the blurred outline of a cottage! It was just like home and I immediately wanted to run over and see if mama would open the door and be waiting for me. “C’mon Rena! It looks just like my house!” I said with another huge smile as I tugged on her coat sleeve.

Gretel and… Gretel

I couldn’t help but twirl in a big, circle, arms extended. It was so pretty outside! Oh goodness, I’m still not over getting to see such pretty snow! I wonder if it’s all over the arena! That would be grand!

"I got this little axe!" I said with a small giggle, still happy about the snow, as I finished twirling. Looking over at my itty bitty partner, I let out a smile and wiped a spare strand of hair out of my face. "What about you?"

Rena was so ecstatic about the arena, and I must admit that it was quite pretty despite the fact that’s every little bit of skin that was exposed felt as though it was being pierced by hundreds of little needles. My mind started going a bit crazy until Rena turned her attention back to me. The whole Capitol was watching, I had to make sure I looked absolutely perfect. Unless they weren’t.

Seconds before my blood began to boil with uncertain rage, Rena asked me what I had picked up. “I grabbed this pack and this little dagger,” I said with a massive smile, “but I’m not sure what’s in the pack…” I wasn’t sure if we were far enough away from everyone to take the time and stop to check what was in it.

Gretel and… Gretel

I was happy to have left the bloodbath with a survival pack and my dagger, but a but upset that I hadn’t been able to pick up another pack. Ah well, at least I wasn’t alone and my fingers weren’t frozen off yet. Rena was always kind to me and we had spoken a bit about an alliance and at this point I was glad that I had someone to stick with in the arena.

"What’d you get?" I asked, curious as to what she came out of the bloodbath with.

  • Caesar: Now, Our youngest tribute! From District 3, Miss Eden Leblanc!
  • Eden: *walks on stage beaming, waving enthusiastically to the crowd before popping down into her seat* Hi Caesar!
  • Caesar: Hello Eden! Now you've been in the Capitol for some time now what's your favourite part of our fair city?
  • Eden: I can't pick just one thing it's all so nice! Everyone I've spoken to has been so sweet I love it here! *Eden continues to beam, looking out at the crowd every so often*
  • Caesar: Well you've seen what the training centre has to offer, how did you find training Miss LeBlanc? That 7 was impressive!
  • Eden: The training center was so massive, I'm not even sure how people could get to all the stations! But I did make the best of my time and I can only think that's why the Gamemakers thought I was worth a 7 *laughs lighthearedly*
  • Caesar: *crowds aaws* A very impressive score, now Eden have you met anybody here that's caught your eye? Have you met any really nice people that you're considering allying with in the Arena?
  • Eden: Why thank you! I have made some friends, but as for alliances I haven't put much thought into it although I do have some that I would love to ally with!
  • Caesar: Well we do wish you the best young Eden, now even though you're young is doesn't mean you're not a competitor, do you have anything hidden up your sleeve?
  • Eden: It means the world for you to say that Caesar, thank you. I like to think I have a little something special about me, but I wouldn't want to brag *smiles sheepishly and shrugs lightly*
  • Caesar: No need to be embarrassed darling! Now, your time is coming to an end, is there anything you want to say to your loved ones back home?
  • Eden: I just want to tell my parents that I miss them, and that I'll do my best to come home to them. I can only imagine how much they miss me, and I feel the same. *quickly wipes away a stray tear*